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January 18, 2006

[Flash] Flash IDE Crashes During Font Initialization Fix!

Today, for some reason out of the blue, both Flash MX 2004 Professional and Flash Professional 8 would crash during the font initialization message during the loading screen running on Windows XP. Thinking that there might be a corrupted font, I reinstalled all of my fonts, but this resolved nothing. I then googled it and found people with similar issues and even a macromedia patch for Mac. However some users still had the same issue even after running through the technote and downloading the fix.

After digging through the error logs on my machine it turns out that QuickTime was causing the problem (hu?). So I uninstalled QuickTime and Flash Video Encoders (just to be safe) and everything was gravy.

I don't have a Mac to test, but I am willing to bet that the same thing is happening on Mac as well. Before you try reinstalling Flash or rebuilding your box (as most users did) go after QuickTime and the Flash Video Encoder to see if that does the trick.


Posted by erikbianchi at January 18, 2006 07:29 PM


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