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March 18, 2008

[JOBS] Work for me from home!

I’m looking for another Senior Flash Developer to join my team! We are a small (but growing) privately held / funded company with a lot of potential / interest and a rapidly growing user base.

The work we do is very diverse and can be anything from RSS readers to 3d displays. Most projects are quick mini apps so don’t expect to work on any 1 project for too long.

Because we are all remote exceptional communication is paramount!

Unfortunately we are ONLY seeking Senior Flash Developers at this time. We are not interested in Flex Developers who have no Flash experience or php developers who use ming at this time.

• Senior Flash Developer
• Can work with timelines
• Can communicate effectively with other designers, flash developers and server devs.
• Can take designs / concepts and turn them into logical structures.
• AS2 mandatory
• AS3 nice
• Familiar with frameworks MVC , MVP, ARP, Cairngorm, etc
• Can write requirements
• Detail oriented
• Application / game development experience +
• Strong OOP skills
• Excellent can-do attitude
• Able to deal with changing requirements
• Experience with design patterns
• Agency experience+ but not mandatory
• Creative thinker / problem solver
• Enjoys puzzles
• Star wars geek + but not reqired

Please send resumes to: [erik] at (mego) dot com minus [] or () of course


Posted by erikbianchi at March 18, 2008 01:45 AM


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